Daily Celebrity Crossword Crossword April 22 2019 Answers

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Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers April 22 2019

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  • Belch
  • Computer user’s indication of amusement
  • Fail to include
  • ___ cry from (very different than): 2 wds.
  • Pet monkey in Disney’s “Aladdin”
  • Coins and bills
  • Toy with string wound around a spool: Hyph.
  • With 43-Across, actress who’s played both Catwoman and the Wasp
  • School group for moms and dads: Abbr.
  • Swallowed
  • Actor who’s played both Thanos and Cable: 2 wds.
  • Astrology’s sign of the ram
  • Make a small dent in
  • Atlas graphic
  • Air duct
  • A ___ sandwiches short of a picnic (kind of dumb)
  • Race car driver ___ Earnhardt, Jr.
  • Pacino and Green, for two
  • Sack
  • Longtime Yankees shortstop Derek
  • Actor who’s played both Daredevil and Batman: 2 wds.
  • Bird on the back of a dollar bill
  • Soul musician Turner
  • See 16-Across
  • Mystics or Mercury, in the WNBA
  • Tehran’s country
  • Type of bread sometimes used for toast
  • Cutting part of a knife blade
  • It might be popped out of a bottle of champagne
  • “That’s an affirmative!”
  • Shoot-out for two people
  • ___ of Pigs Invasion (1961 event)
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