Daily Celebrity Crossword Crossword April 7 2021 Answers

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Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers April 7 2021

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  • Piece inserted into a clarinet or oboe
  • Spider-Man portrayer Holland
  • Military drama series that ran from 1995 to 2005
  • Rotating part of a car
  • South American Olympic host city, briefly
  • “Hellboy” character ___ Sapien
  • He played People magazine reporter Michael Gold in the 1983 film “The Big Chill”: 2 wds.
  • Three, on a grandfather clock
  • Word that can follow “Victorian” or “Elizabethan”
  • With 33-Across, she played physician Sarah Cooper in “The Big Chill”
  • Finishes filming
  • The “P” of “IPA”
  • Shark ___ soup
  • Safe Drinking Water Act enforcer: Abbr.
  • ___ Maria (Catholic prayer)
  • Item burned in a fireplace
  • Sound made with two fingers
  • Performer in a TV show or movie
  • See 19-Across
  • “I’m ___ Sexy” (Right Said Fred song)
  • Neckwear often made from ostrich feathers
  • She played attorney Meg Jones in “The Big Chill”: 3 wds.
  • Prefix for “brow” or “cycle”
  • Collage or sculpture, for example
  • Bad smell
  • PC alternative
  • ___ the knot (get married)
  • ___ down (overwhelms with force)
  • “The Big Bang Theory” character with a dog named Cinnamon
  • Windows program file-name extension
  • One of Santa’s helpers
  • Provide the meaning of, as in a dictionary
  • “Star Trek: The Next Generation” empath
  • Word after “canola” or “olive”
  • “___ Family” (five-time Emmy winner for Outstanding Comedy Series)
  • Type of pepper often served on nachos
  • ___ Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Ruby or emerald, for example
  • Alcohol often mixed with tonic
  • “Push-up” or “sports” garment
  • A good one could get you on the Dean’s List: Abbr.
  • “Floor Is ___” (Netflix game show)
  • Type of car that gets plugged in
  • Hairpiece
  • Places that offer facials
  • “___ sale by owner” (phrase in some real estate ads)
  • Donkey Kong, for one
  • Observe: 2 wds.
  • Winding downhill event at the Winter Olympics
  • Playskool or Mattel item
  • “Law & Order” extra
  • Computer memory unit
  • Autumn flower whose full name is 13 letters long
  • “The View” guest cohost Navarro
  • Graynor of the miniseries “Mrs. America”
  • “And so, with no further ___ …”
  • Type of animal Milky White is, in “Into the Woods”
  • Urgent care areas in hospitals: Abbr.
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