Daily Celebrity Crossword Crossword April 8 2021 Answers

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Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers April 8 2021

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  • Actor Cumming or Alda
  • Pro golfer Ernie
  • Progressive Insurance spokesperson
  • What many hammocks are made of
  • Brand of orange soda
  • ___-abiding citizen
  • Pop star who sang a duet with Lady Gaga on his hit “Your Song” at the 2010 Grammys: 2 wds.
  • Wood-splitting tool
  • Dove’s gentle sound
  • What tires are inflated with
  • Crooner who sang a duet with Lady Gaga on the standard “Cheek to Cheek” at the 2015 Grammys: 2 wds.
  • String wrapped around a parcel
  • Any member of a Marvel superhero team
  • Edge of a drinking glass
  • Main Street, ___ (Disneyland thoroughfare)
  • “___ it or lose it!”
  • Artist Georgia who painted New Mexico landscapes
  • Original “Let’s Make a Deal” host Hall
  • Producer who played guitar while Lady Gaga sang a David Bowie medley at the 2016 Grammys: 2 wds.
  • Shawn Carter, ___ Jay-Z: Abbr.
  • Corinne Bailey ___ (singer with two Grammys)
  • Roughly pull apart
  • Heavy metal band that performed with Lady Gaga on their song “Moth Into Flame” at the 2017 Grammys
  • Madison Avenue agencies’ creations
  • Deserve
  • “Should I ___ or Should I Go” (song by the Clash)
  • Kool ___ Dee (early rapper)
  • Art that may have a tribal design, for short
  • Channel for sports scores
  • “Just who do you think you ___?”
  • Texter’s “That’s hilarious!”
  • Well-chosen, as a phrase
  • Liberal-turned-right-winger
  • “___ yourself!” (“Have fun!”)
  • “The Revenant” Oscar winner DiCaprio, for short
  • Librarian’s “be quiet” sound
  • Pistols that launch fiery distress signals: 2 wds.
  • Not nearly strict enough
  • Have debts
  • Ludicrous
  • Second to ___ (unmatched)
  • Quaint lodging place
  • ___ photography (filmmaking technique that speeds up slow activity): Hyph.
  • “___ on a true story”
  • “The Luminaries” actress Green
  • Exam
  • Card player’s slang term for a three
  • 1982 Disney movie that spawned an arcade game
  • Website that anyone can edit
  • Mysterious vehicle in a tabloid photo, perhaps: Abbr.
  • Shriek that sounds like part of the word “shriek”
  • Border for a diploma or a painting
  • Happy ___ (McDonald’s purchase)
  • Words concluding a threat: 2 wds.
  • Lee’s opponent in the Civil War
  • Symbol for Aries
  • “… if ___ say so myself!”: 2 wds.
  • Swallow
  • Sound that often precedes “la la”
  • “___ the least I can do”
  • Casual hat that has a visor
  • Author Rand who wrote “Atlas Shrugged”
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