Daily Celebrity Crossword Crossword June 11 2018 Answers

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Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers June 11 2018

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  • Recedes from the shore
  • Tooth on a metal gear
  • Clobber
  • Clumsy awkward person
  • Last word of the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Hubbub
  • American Horror Story actress who plays tammy in Ocean’s 8 2 wds
  • Baseball player with an H on his cap
  • Banking charge
  • Paramore’s music genre
  • Radner who played Emily Litella on Saturday Night Live
  • You may say ___ dreamer (Imagine lyric) 2 wds
  • Messes up
  • Pork cut that may be tender
  • Gravity actress who plays Debbie Ocean in Ocean’s 8 2 wds
  • Overdue
  • Stand in ___(wait your turn)
  • Government group that sponsor the Poetry Out Loud competition Abbr
  • Essential ___ acids
  • Liquor in Alabama Slammer
  • Where a chemist does experiments
  • Thelma and Louise star David
  • Interstellar actress who plays Daphne in Ocean’s 8 2 wds
  • Run out of battery life
  • ___ you for real?
  • Manchester by the sea actor ___ Donovan
  • Was successful at musical chairs
  • The ___ Gees (disco group)
  • Change for a five dollar bill
  • Frozen character voied by Idina Menzel
  • Dangerous constricting snakes
  • Kurt’s father on Glee
  • Long look
  • Hat for a baseball player
  • A series of Unfortunate Events count
  • Elmer’s adhesive found in classrooms
  • That ship ___ sailed already
  • Great weight
  • The Simpsons dad
  • Piano support
  • ___ surgery (dental operation)
  • Not feeling well
  • Crazy bird
  • Cubes thrown in Monopoly
  • Canadian pop singer Paul
  • La ___ Bonita (Madonna song)
  • Respectful term for a woman
  • Rihanna album from 2016
  • Stat for a sacrifice fly Abbr
  • Song ___ Blue(Neil diamond tune)
  • Group of Cub Scouts
  • Jennifer Jason ___ (Annihiliation actress)
  • Bravo! At the World Cup
  • Groovy!
  • Boat captain in Moby Dick
  • ___ knuckle boxing
  • T2 Trainspotting actor McGregor
  • Congressional approval votes
  • What some people watch the Super Bowl for
  • Actress Peeples
  • ___ neutrality(concern for computer users)
  • Souvenir shirt from a fun run
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