Daily Celebrity Crossword Crossword June 17 2018 Answers

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Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers June 17 2018

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  • Flow seaward
  • Fish in many fish sticks
  • Insect such as a mud dauber
  • Sign between Cancer and Virgo
  • December 24th, to Christmas
  • Song in “Tosca,” for example
  • Tex-___ food
  • Geddy ___ (lead singer of Rush)
  • 1/100 of a century
  • Marvel comic book hero whose web-shooting noise is written as “THWIP”: Hyph.
  • Capture, as a suspect
  • Maker of spongy toys
  • Graffiti signatures
  • Movers’ vehicle
  • Ambulance destinations: Abbr.
  • Marvel comic book hero whose teleporting noise is written as “BAMF”
  • Make an attempt
  • Gruesome “Lord of the Rings” creature
  • Wear many ___ (have several jobs)
  • Pollution in the sky
  • Tiny bug to pick
  • Marvel comic book hero whose metal claw noise is written as “SNIKT”
  • Keep out of sight
  • Boating tool that fits into a rowlock
  • Bigwig: Abbr.
  • Level
  • “Cross my heart ___ hope to die”
  • Country music’s ___ Young Band
  • What’s happening in the world
  • Comedian Tina who was nominated for a 2018 Tony Award
  • Triple ___ (orange liqueur)
  • Some shade trees
  • Microwave sound
  • Type of place where Rocky and Creed go to practice: 2 wds.
  • Hollywood star, for short
  • When hell freezes ___
  • ___ necessary (consider to be essential)
  • “Love Me” rapper Lil ___
  • Plural form of “is”
  • Singer who wears a platinum blonde wig
  • It’s usually 3, 4, or 5 for a hole of golf
  • 40-yard ___ (NFL prospect’s sprint)
  • Actress Kendrick of the “Pitch Perfect” movies
  • Family members
  • Be a worrywart
  • “Claws” cable channel
  • ___ out (ventilates)
  • DVD player’s forerunner: Abbr.
  • Path of a fly ball, for example
  • High schoolers who may be applying to colleges: Abbr.
  • “There’s nowhere ___ but up”: 2 wds.
  • Sound of fan blades
  • Jesse ___ Award (track and field honor)
  • Like a dweeb
  • Pound cake shape, often
  • Roof item that indicates wind direction
  • River near the Sphinx
  • Huge, like a big-budget movie
  • Cornish game ___
  • “___ heard enough!”
  • Condensation on grass
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