Daily Celebrity Crossword Crossword June 17 2021 Answers

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Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers June 17 2021

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  • “Did you say something?”
  • Nation whose anthem is “The Star-Spangled Banner”: Abbr.
  • Fraud
  • “___ may already have mentioned …”: 2 wds.
  • Disappointing outcome for a competitor
  • What erupted from a volcano on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent starting in April
  • Shake a ___ (hurry up)
  • Group composed of three musicians
  • “Not ___ of people know this about me, but …”: 2 wds.
  • 2020 Kenny Chesney hit about just being alive: 3 wds.
  • Coffee-table book full of maps
  • Part of a badminton set
  • Event where teenagers might wear corsages
  • Cut and polished stone that sparkles
  • “___ your heart out!” (gloating words)
  • 2019 Kenny Chesney hit that celebrates small, sensual details of beauty: 4 wds.
  • Commercials
  • “___ … Sasha Fierce” (2008 album by Beyoncé): 2 wds.
  • Mean monster
  • Casual sleepwear, for short
  • “Hello” or “goodbye” in Hawaii
  • 2014 Kenny Chesney hit about living for the moment: 3 wds.
  • ___ Pinkett Smith
  • McGregor who played two roles on season three of “Fargo”
  • “___ your age!” (“Grow up!”)
  • Person who’s got your back
  • Gush with praise in a review
  • Twosome
  • The birds and the ___
  • The “p” in “rpm”
  • Secret agent
  • Actor Linden who played Barney Miller
  • “Oh, what’s the ___?” (“Why bother?”)
  • Sneakers that cover the ankle: Hyph.
  • Prefix before “conservative” or “liberal” that means “extreme”
  • Wounds that haven’t healed yet
  • Israel’s continent
  • Diagonal line
  • Angelic symbol
  • Swear to be true
  • Bath ___ (rug beside a tub)
  • Shakespearean poem with 14 lines
  • Muppet with a falsetto voice
  • Musician’s recording of sample tracks
  • Extremely dry, like a desert
  • Group that might arrange for moms and dads to volunteer at school book fairs: Abbr.
  • Where school assemblies are often held
  • Geniuses
  • Vibe surrounding a person
  • Small peg in a golfer’s pocket
  • Bottled water brand named for a Pacific island
  • “___ of None” (Aziz Ansari series)
  • 12:00 in the daytime
  • Enjoys a game
  • Desert plant from which tequila is made
  • Person who prefers to be solitary
  • “Shark ___” (animated movie starring Will Smith)
  • Not active at the moment
  • Trade this for that
  • Quick blow in a boxing ring
  • “My ___ runneth over” (“Life is good”)
  • Prize in a claw machine
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