Daily Celebrity Crossword Crossword March 9 2021 Answers

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Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers March 9 2021

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  • Surface for a computer mouse
  • Hit with a Taser
  • ___ Talks (Web-published lectures)
  • “To ___ is human …”
  • Card in a blackjack
  • Boat racing item that’s inserted in a “lock”
  • HBO Max series that opened with the main characters investigating the disappearance of a college friend: 2 wds.
  • “You can count ___”: 2 wds.
  • Spin a ___ (tell a story)
  • Wizard’s walking stick
  • Lava, before it erupts
  • Putting ___ fight (resisting): 2 wds.
  • Watch face
  • “Stranger Things” actor who stars as Drew Gardner on 13-Across: 2 wds.
  • Cookie that can be ordered in customized creme colors for special occasions
  • Prefix meaning “recent”
  • Shaquille O’Neal played one in the movie “Kazaam”
  • What a bracelet surrounds
  • Rotisserie’s bar
  • Stumble ___ (discover accidentally)
  • “Arrested Development” actress who stars as Dory Sief in 13-Across: 2 wds.
  • Kathie ___ Gifford
  • Ad-___ (actor’s line that wasn’t rehearsed)
  • Expected landing hour: Abbr.
  • La Brea ___ Pits (California attraction)
  • Option-Command-___ (“force quit” command on a Mac)
  • Joe Biden represented it in the Senate: Abbr.
  • Mexican coins
  • “There ___ enough hours in the day!”
  • Comedy’s counterpart, at the Emmys
  • Fashion designer Posen who was formerly a judge on “Project Runway”
  • Sore in the muscles
  • “A Salt With a Deadly ___” (1988 hip-hop album)
  • Cyclone
  • Have a bite
  • All toweled off
  • Football field official, briefly
  • Furnish with weapons
  • Coat that might be made from mink or fox
  • ___ Chesterton (“Frasier” food critic)
  • Furious
  • Diner on “Happy Days” after it was renamed from Arnold’s
  • What an autograph hunter might hand to a celebrity
  • Agreement to an admiral
  • Run for exercise
  • Where Portland and Salem are: Abbr.
  • Mother ___ (person who is overly maternal)
  • Less quiet
  • ___ and again (occasionally)
  • Federal organization concerned with greenhouse gases: Abbr.
  • Theater seating option
  • Having tattoos, in slang
  • Chihuahua or Oaxaca, for example, in Mexico
  • Amount at the bottom of a bill
  • “___ of Dogs” (2018 animated movie)
  • “… and I approve ___ message” (line in many political ads)
  • It can go before “rock” or “country” in indie music genres
  • Actress/singer ___ Michele of “Glee”
  • Network where you can watch the game show “The Hustler”
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