Daily Celebrity Crossword Crossword May 19 2022 Answers

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Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers May 19 2022

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  • Item in a woodpile
  • ___ desk (support for working from a sofa, say)
  • Popular diner sandwich, for short
  • Meal ___ (process of planning and cooking dinners in advance, say)
  • Remarkable stretch of history
  • Australian mammal that might engage in boxing, for short
  • 2018 Drake album that produced seven top 10 singles (only his 2021 album “Certified Lover Boy” had more)
  • Nocturnal bird of prey
  • “The Simpsons” bartender with the last name Szyslak
  • Begged for cat food, perhaps
  • Regret in a big way
  • Tiny
  • Branch of physics dealing with lenses and light
  • “Better Call ___” (AMC show in its final season)
  • 1984 Bruce Springsteen album that produced seven top 10 singles: 4 wds.
  • New Age singer from Ireland
  • Person mailing a letter
  • “I Am ___” (Helen Reddy empowerment anthem)
  • Bother to no end
  • Photographer’s tool
  • Bone on a barbecue rack
  • Softball hitter’s stat: Abbr.
  • 1982 Michael Jackson album that produced seven top 10 singles
  • Developer of “Jeopardy!” computer contestant Watson
  • “___! Knock it off!”
  • Toy building block brand
  • “Toodle-oo!”
  • Valuable material brought up from mines
  • Spread, like seeds in a flower garden
  • Full-length vinyl albums: Abbr.
  • Member of the Horde in the World of Warcraft games
  • Branch of math dealing with shapes and angles
  • Floral necklace that hula dancers might wear
  • Pleasurable scent
  • Illustrated square in a comic strip
  • Facial feature that you might tweeze or wax
  • “The West Wing” actor Rob
  • Blabbed
  • Opposite of amateur
  • Joe of “My Cousin Vinny”
  • Mary-Kate or Ashley of fashion
  • Fluffy garment worn at a health resort
  • “Once ___ a time …”
  • Web portal for Windows devices
  • Amazed: 2 wds.
  • Last-second play changes called by a quarterback
  • Person who might need a password to sign in
  • On a ___ (just for fun)
  • Organization concerned with air-travel safety: Abbr.
  • French painter Matisse
  • Lawn care brand
  • “Real Time With Bill ___”
  • Where an infant sleeps
  • ___ Cadabby (“Sesame Street” character)
  • Performer who never speaks
  • Not feeling 100%
  • Bread for some ham sandwiches
  • Overblown sense of self-importance
  • Line in a spreadsheet
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