Daily Celebrity Crossword Crossword September 28 2021 Answers

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Daily Celebrity Crossword Answers September 28 2021

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  • ___ and crafts
  • It sits on a saucer
  • Perfectly fitting
  • Not old
  • Team ___ (group with medal winners like Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird)
  • Shed tears
  • “Baby Driver” director Wright
  • Cattle thief
  • “How to Get Away With Murder” actress who plays ex-lawyer Marina on ABC’s “Home Economics”: 2 wds.
  • Actress Davis of “Thelma & Louise”
  • Allow
  • Gossip that can be “spilled”
  • Hang on a clothesline
  • Homer’s “Odyssey,” for one
  • “Saturday Night Live” alum who plays teacher Denise on “Home Economics”: 2 wds.
  • Square measure
  • Do some cross-stitch or embroidery
  • Former member of the military who’s honored on November 11, for short
  • They intersect at an intersection: Abbr.
  • Capital of Oregon
  • “The Real Bros of Simi Valley” actor who plays investment manager Connor on “Home Economics”: 2 wds.
  • Gradual deterioration of a coastline, say
  • Person who gives money to a college
  • Dance move associated with quarterback Cam Newton
  • “I’m ___ one to brag, but …”
  • Display happiness
  • Measures of brilliance: Abbr.
  • Navigation device that talks: Abbr.
  • ___ on the gas (accelerate)
  • “Yes, captain,” for a ship’s crew
  • Curtain holder
  • Boat that helps move other boats
  • Cobra or viper, for example
  • Dumbbell exercise
  • Normal
  • Now out of style
  • Group defending legal rights: Abbr.
  • Joe Biden’s title, informally
  • “The ___ Banks Show” (2005-2010 talk show)
  • “Thank U, Next” singer Ariana
  • Emblem carved on a Native American pole
  • Incredibly scarce
  • Neutral, first, or reverse
  • Effortlessness
  • Airport group with X-ray machines: Abbr.
  • A century has 100 of them: Abbr.
  • Put fresh blacktop on
  • Agenda entry
  • Pet that might chase a laser-pointer dot
  • Injures
  • Enthusiasm for life
  • Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony
  • Wilting, as a plant
  • Bend down
  • Weaving machines
  • “Star Wars” knight
  • Neighbor of Iran and Syria
  • Throngs
  • Bugs that make tunnels
  • College hoops tourney: Abbr.
  • Cheer at a Latin American soccer game
  • Unit at the gym
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